Language in Use Beginner 13-18

Exercise 1 - Vocabulary Multiple Choice : put the LETTER in the box

1.A: ‘What's the weather in your country?' B: ‘It's very hot!'

        a. like        b. as         c. how

2. My country's the opposite: in winter, the temperature's ten or twenty below zero! past two'

        a. grades         b. points         c. degrees

3. My parents live a small village...... the coast

        a. on / in         b. in / on         c. at / in

4. A: ‘ we go to the cinema tonight?' B: ‘Ok, good idea'

TIP:put only THE LETTER in the box
TIP: The apostrophe is (next to number zero)'
TIP: This is a continuous text. Read it complete before you decide on the incorrect words

        a. Will         b. Do         c. Shall

5. . The students went to the classes, but understand very much

        a. not         b. not did         c. did not

6. ‘Grace, are you in the kitchen? Can you me some milk, please?'

        a. take         b. bring        c. show

7. ‘Remember to left when you get to the traffic lights…'

        a. turn         b. make         c. climb

8. I went to see the new Tom Cruise film

        a. yesterday         b. tomorrow         c. tonight

9. The little girl was going the bridge, and fel................l the water!

        a. into / out        b. past / from        c. across / into

10. ‘1000' is pronounced

        a. one hundred        b. one thousand        c. one dozen


Exercise 2 - Sentence Completion : put ONE word

1. ‘Are there good theatres in La Plata ?'

2. ‘You in class today – is everything OK?

3. ‘I'm sorry I'm so distracted: I sleep very well last night'

4. ‘I've got a good idea - go to a karaoke bar!'

5. ‘That's a good one. Shall we go bus?'

6. ‘But I haven't got money. Who can lend me some?'


Exercise 3 - Error correction.

Read this text. SOME lines have an extra, incorrect word. Put THIS word in the box. If the line is OK, do not complete the box

01  Last Monday I had a little accident when I was going 
02  to work. I usually go by underground, but that day
03  I decided to go by a car. I woke up at 7 a .m., and saw
04  it was the raining. ‘Not very nice weather,' I thought,
05  and I didn't not wake up my wife: she wasn't working
06  that morning. I wrote to her a little note and left the
07  house. When I drove past to the church near my house,
08  there was a lots of traffic, so I turned left at the market –
09  but didn't see a bus in front, and crashed into it!  
10  Fortunately, I wasn't going very fast, so the car (and I!)

11  was OK. But people in shops were looking at through

12 the windows to see what!


                                              You Got: