Language in Use Intermediate 7-12

Exercise 1 - Vocabulary Multiple Choice : put the LETTER in the box

1. You'd look much better if you bought a suit and . you hair cut.

        a. had         b. have         c. get

2. I have to write an essay on World War 2, but I haven't got anything to read about this topic. I'll go to the and borrow some books.

        a. bookshelf         b. bookshop         c. library

3. do you call those girls who dance up and down at football matches?

        a. how         b. what         c.which

4. Flour is a white or brown powder that is used making bread, cakes and pastry.

TIP:put only THE LETTER in the box
TIP: The apostrophe is (next to number zero)'
TIP: This is a continuous text. Read it complete before you decide on the incorrect words

        a. to         b. for         c. by

5. . After finishing her conversation, she put down the , turned off the light and went back to sleep.        b. receptor         c. receiver

6. A small child could on the doll's hair.

        a. choke         b. drown        c. smoke

7. Suddenly John to avoid the truck, narrowly missing a blond teenager on a skateboard

        a. ran over         b. skidded         c. swerved

8. The plane off the runway while taking off in a snow storm.

        a. bumped        b. skidded        c. turned


Exercise 2 - Sentence Completion : put ONE word

1. I didn't to like opera, but now I do.

2. My job pays really badly. I wish I more money

3. Everything is ready for our business trip: we've bought the plane tickets and the hotel rooms been booked.

4. If you lost your job, what you do?

5. By the time I retire I will paid all of my debts or so I hope!

6. I to have a big car, but I've sold it and I drive a Fiat 600 now.

7. I'm unemployed now, but in a few years I expect I'll be for a multinational company.

8. We don't mind camping, but if we enough money, we would stay in a hotel.

9.It seems that the next decade will be a prosperous one. Many companies will start doing business and lots of workers will employed.

10. If he were a young man, he would be to walk faster.


Exercise 3 - Error correction.

Read this text. SOME lines have an extra, incorrect word. Put THIS word in the box. If the line is OK, do not complete the box





01  An Argentine jetliner with nearly 100 people on the board crashed during takeoff
02  from Buenos Aires ' domestic airport late Tuesday and burst into flames. There
03  have were conflicting reports on casualties. Argentine authorities said at least 80
04  people were be killed. But some local media claimed as many as 26 people had
05  survived. Television images showed fire crews spraying water on burning,
06  twisted wreckage. Bodies were been seen littering the crash site. The plane, a
07  Boeing 737 operated by LAPA, overshot the runway of Jorge Newbery airport,
08  skidded across a service road and would slammed into a golf driving range just
09  outside the airport. Local media reported the plane was trying to take up off on a 
10  flight to the Argentine city of Córdoba at on 9 p.m. local time (0000 GMT).


                                              You Got: