Language in Use Pre-intermediate 13-18


Exercise 1 - Vocabulary Multiple Choice : put the LETTER in the box

•  `I won't go to that shop any more! . The goods are good quality but the assistants aren't at all.´

           a. helpful         b. unfriendly         c. convenient

•  `... the supermarket ? Ok. Go this road and you'll find it on your left. It's easy !.´

           a. for         b. right         c. along

•  `I really find difficult . I don't remember the recipes; - Nothing tastes like my mum's food !´

          a. knitting         b. cooking         c.climbing

•  `I love . I've already made three jumpers for my grandchildren´

          a. knitting         b. cooking         c. climbing

•  `Look at this ad . They're looking for bilingual secretaries. I think I'll it´
TIP:put only THE LETTER in the box
TIP: The apostrophe is (next to number zero)'
TIP: This is a continuous text. Read it complete before you decide on the incorrect words

          a. ask for         b. apply for         c. resign

•  The place where you can see exhibitions is called

          a. square         b. art gallery         c. amusement park

•  The place where you can ride a roller coaster is called

          a. square         b. art gallery         c.amusement park


Exercise 2 - Sentence Completion : put one word or a short phrase (maximum 3 words).

•  `When I arrive at the airport, I call you for sure ´.

•  `I'm not sure what to do; I stay at home and go out later.´

•  `Suggest a book? Well,all of them are great but the interesting is `An inspector calls´.´

•  `It's ok. Don't worry. You to walk home with me after the cinema.´

•  `You play loud music at night . It's prohibited.´

•  `He eat chocolate if he wants to lose weight´


Exercise 3 - Error correction.

Read this text. SOME lines have an extra, incorrect word. Put THIS word in the box. If the line is OK, do not complete the box

01  I'm not a very organised person. I don't  
02  like to planning things ; I'm not very
03  good with at it! . My sister is much
04  more better than me . She always knows
05  what she's going to do.Ask her about next
06  Monday and she'll tell you. If she will has
07  an exam , she knows how long she wil
08  study and how many units she'll be read
09  per day. I know I should to change and 
10  get organised but I find it organising
11  really difficult 
                                              You Got: