Language in Use Pre-intermediate 19-24


Exercise 1 - Vocabulary Multiple Choice : put the LETTER in the box

1.She was boiling some water she burned her hand.

           a.since         b.during         c.while         d.when

2.Nothing ever upsets her. She is so

           a.generous.         b.hard-working         c.easy-going

3.My father is in his fifties. In fact he´ll be sixty next month.
TIP:put only THE LETTER in the box
TIP: The apostrophe is (next to number zero)'
TIP: This is a continuous text. Read it complete before you decide on the incorrect words

           a.early         b.late         c.mid         d.over

4.We couldn´t cross into France because the police stopped us at the

           a.border         b.edge         c.margin         d.front

5.I love . They´re so romantic!

           a.soaps shows         c.films         d.programme


Exercise 2 - Sentence Completion : put one or two words.

1.The interview will take an hour.

2.While he breakfast, the phone rang.

3.I wear my new dress for the wedding next weekend.

4.She recently found a new job

5.He´s living in London for 5 years now .


Exercise Three: Error Correction.

Read this text. SOME lines have an extra, incorrect word. Put THIS word in the box. If the line is OK, do not complete the box

01 Last year I did went to see a fortune teller.

02 She held my hand and said´This line is

03 shows you are going to go live a long life;

04 and this other line means you are

05 going to be lucky in love. You will marry

06 to a lovely tall dark man and you´ll

07 will have two nice sons´. I smiled as I

08 was thought of my three daughters, sitting

09 in the car with my one lovely but short blond husband!


                                              You Got: