Language in Use Pre-intermediate 7-12


Exercise 1 - Vocabulary Multiple Choice : put the LETTER in the box

1.  A: What are you going to tonight?

B: A blue satin dress and a pair of sandals

           a. wear        b. put         c. use

2.  Yesterday I went on a pilgrimage to Luján. My feet and my left knee aches.

           a. hurt         b. hurts         c. pain

3.  My best friend lives in the She's got a beautiful cottage by the lakeside.

          a. city centre        b. country        c. camp

4.  A: Excuse me. What size the black trousers ?

B: Medium.

          a. is         b. does         c. are

5.  `A: Whose is the red car that is parked around the corner?

B: It's
TIP:put only THE LETTER in the box
TIP: The apostrophe is (next to number zero)'
TIP: This is a continuous text. Read it complete before you decide on the incorrect words

          a. my         b. mine         c. mines

6.  I don't feel well. I think I'm going to an appointment with my doctor.

          a. take         b. do         c. make

7.  My parents' flat has a lovely view of the sea It's the 10th floor.

          a. on         b. in

8. A: That's $ 84.50, please.

B: Can I pay cheque?

          a. with         b. in

9. I met Harry in 1985. I've known him twenty years

          a. for         b. since         c.during

10. . Patient: I've got an in my chest and I've got a terrible headache.

Doctor: Ok. Take this medicine twice a day and stay in bed for three days.

          a. pain         b. ache         c.aches


Exercise 2 - Sentence Completion : put ONE word.

•  There were very people at the party, so it was rather boring. We left early.

•  John lived in London since 1990. Yes, he still lives there of course

•  A: Mary and Bill in the park yesterday afternoon?

B: No, at the cinema.

•  I've got a bit of a hangover. I drank too wine yesterday at the party.

•  My best friend and I have known each other . over fifteen years.

• A: Would you like something to eat?

B: No, thanks. I had lunch half an hour

• What time did you up yesterday morning?

• A: Where Sarah yesterday at 10 o'clock in the morning?

B: In her office.

• I have for this company since 1st April.

• I'm afraid we've just your window. Sorry!


Exercise 3 - Error correction.

Read this text. SOME lines have an extra, incorrect word. Put THIS word in the box. If the line is OK, do not complete the box




01  I did went to the doctor yesterday afternoon. When it comes to keeping me  
02  healthy, I prefer a female physician. I not don't like male doctors. The only male
03  doctors I've have had are my plastic surgeon and my dentist, and they aren't
04  particularly modest. For the past five days, I woke up with a terrible pain in at my
05  chest. So yesterday, I left work for a doctor's appointment at 3 pm. I arrived at to the
06  doctor's office and filled out some papers. Then, the doctor asked me some much
07  questions about my work and my family. He's my parents' doctor as well. They
08  adore him. And by adore, I mean they see him as good son-in-law material. But
09  he does is not my type. He pulled out his stethoscope, made me take deep breaths
10  and then said ‘Hmm... your chest is clear, but let's do an X-ray to be sure.'
                                              You Got: